Steel structures

The building halls and industrial buildings use a wealth of experience implementing company. Designed and executed by our structures are characterized by simplicity of implementation and low cost of implementation. We are able to solve any technical problem in the field of metal construction, and installation and removal of equipment and structures.

Examples of objects:
  • Construction of the production department of Heavy Soda "turnkey" in JANIKOSODA SA factory
  • Implementation of the superstructure of the building Soda Raw "turnkey" up to 57.0 m JANIKOSODA SA factory
  • Performance of the building in former (now Soda Poland Ciech S.A.)JANIKOSODA SA Soda Factory
  • warehouse and production - JANIPOL FURNITURE Sp. of o.o. (Part One - 31 200 m³, the second - 31 200 m ³),
  • warehouse and production - Cykoria SA (28 900 m³)
  • compressor building and extraction - Komagra SA (19 008 + 19 873 m³ m³)
  • glycerol esters and building social BIOAGRA-OIL with a capacity of 31 648 m³
  • salt storage CIECH SA plant in Janikowo with a capacity of 18 760 m³
Working capital subsidy for PPH Montostal Sp. z o.o.