About us

P.P.H. Montostal Ltd. was established in 1991. For many years, we've gained extensive experience in the implementation and installation of steel structures for industrial biofuel technology, petrochemical, food, feed, chemical, pulp and paper - paper and cement - lime. We pride ourselves on many productions for Polish customers and Europe. We have built a number of special facilities and production in renowned facilities such as Soda Factory Soda Poland Ciech SA, Anwil Plant and Ethanol Production Plant in Goswinowice. As one of the first in the country we've built plants to produce biofuels for Komagra SA and Bioagra-Oil Sp. z o in Tychy. We've played a significant role as a contractor for the terminal Poland Trade Services Sp. z oo and Bunge Company in the Commercial Port of Świnoujście. We are in constant contact with companies like:

  • ZT Kruszwica and Bunge Company
  • Lafarge SA
  • Komagra SA
  • IG Trzustawica SA
  • Janipol Furniture Ltd.. z o
  • Department of ashes Sp. z o
  • Aggregates and Concrete Ltd.. z o
  • Provimi Poland Sp. z o

as a reliable contractor repairs and investment. We have a strong position on the Polish market as a certified contractor company of steel tanks and surveillance equipment mounter. Our range of services include fabrication, installation and construction corrosion protection, technological installations, repairs and upgrades as well as comprehensive construction and renovation of various industrial plants. As part of the investment we make construction projects and we take responsibility for obeying safety regulations during construction process. In the coming years, the strategic goal of the Company is our part as a General Contractor in the implementation of major projects and investments for clients in the biofuels sector, petrochemical, chemical and feed.
Working capital subsidy for PPH Montostal Sp. z o.o.