Equipment Services

Generally carried out construction works and installation forces the company to continually improve and complement the machinery and logistics.

The machinery includes such devices as:
  • LIEBHERR cranes with lifting capacity of 70T
  • Car lattice crane with a capacity of 35T arthropods
  • COLES cranes with lifting capacity of 15T
  • 6T cranes
  • Beam crane with a capacity of 10 T
  • position for rolling sheets with a maximum thickness of 16 mm
  • position for cutting sheet metal up to 16 mm thick
  • position to carry out the anti-corrosion coating method of hydrodynamic
  • sets of hydraulic jacks
  • transport equipment - lifting loads up to 5 T
  • sets loader tractors
  • truck - log to carry elements of the maximum length of 15 m
  • units for MIG / MAG / TIG / electrode
  • Welding machines
  • equipment for cutting steel thermally
Working capital subsidy for PPH Montostal Sp. z o.o.