Industrial tanks

From a number of years Montostal has specialized in sheet-mounted tanks. Our achievements are fixed roof tanks and floating, made of carbon steel and stainless steel.
The Company has the authority of the Office of Technical Inspection and the manufacture and repair of tanks and pressure.

Other objects:
  • tank capacity. 50 000 m³ of liquid fuel handling in a CPN in Gdansk
  • tank capacity. 75 000 m³ for oil on the Mostostal - Gdańsk in Belarus
  • Battery 4 pcs tanks with capacity. 1 000 m³ and 100 m³ of oil in the plant Komar SA in Tychy
  • silo capacity. 1 000 t for lime powder for Lafarge MOWAP Sp. z o in Wapiennie
  • silos with capacity. 1 500 and 1 200 t for fly ash for the Department of Economic ashes Sp. z o in Janikowo and Inowrocław
  • Battery 6-five tanks with capacity. 600 m³ for Bioagra-Oil Sp. z o
  • oil tanks with capacity. 600t - 4 pieces (SS), 2 pcs (CS) and 65t - 3 pieces (SS) for BEST-OIL Sp. z o in Lasocicach
  • storage tanks for oil products made of austenitic steel, and coal-fired capacity. 20t - 4 pcs, 50t - 7 pcs, 100t - 200t and 7 units - 1 unit for ZT Kruszwica SA (Bunge Company)
  • storage tanks for oil products, carbon steel 2 cap. And 4 900 tonnes capacity. 600 tonnes for ZT Kruszwica SA (Bunge Company)
  • increase the storage capacity of oil tanks capacity. 300 to 600 tonnes by pushing for ZT Kruszwica SA (Bunge Company)
  • extension of 16 tanks above ground tanks expeditionary base feed mills in Dobrzelinie for PROVIMI POLAND Sp. z o storage
  • storage tanks with a capacity of 600 m³ for BEST-OIL Sp. z o in Lasocice
Working capital subsidy for PPH Montostal Sp. z o.o.