Reference objects:
  • fabrication and installation of closed cooling water about 600 t with the installation of pumps in Janikowskie wysokodajnych Soda Works JANIKOSODA SA
  • prefabrication and assembly of rubber lining Wulkodurit W-50 at Soda ash dept. in JANIKOSODA SA factory
  • installation of a production plant for carbon dioxide PRAXAIR POLAND Sp. of o.o.
  • Installation of plastic DEKADUR LHP, PVC-C Janikowskie JANIKOSODA SA Soda Works
  • fabrication and installation of piping for SK EUROCHEM
  • fabrication and installation of piping biofuels. Investor: Komagra SA and Bioagra-Oil Sp. of o.o.
  • delivery and installation of pipeline Ethanol Production Plant Goświnowice around 180 tonnes
  • fabrication and installation of piping in Terephthalic Acid PTA in Wloclawek about 300 tons Examples
Working capital subsidy for PPH Montostal Sp. z o.o.